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Oodles of noodles (£1.27)

WTF is this recipe!?

Vegetable stir fry.

How much does it cost!?

Recipe serves 4, £1.27 per serving.*


  • 4 egg noodle nests, £1

  • 1 pack stir fry vegetables, £1

  • 1 red pepper, 45p

  • Soy sauce, 10p

  • Sesame oil, 10p

  • Hoisin sauce, 20p

  • 1 chilli, 20p

  • 4 spring onions, 48p

  • 1 vegetable stock cube, 5p

  • 1cm ginger, 99p

  • 1/2 pack chestnut mushrooms, 50p


  1. Start by chopping the pepper, mushrooms, chilli, spring onions and garlic and grating the ginger.

  2. Add some sesame oil to a pan and head until sizzling hot, reduce to a medium heat and add the chilli, spring onions, garlic and ginger.

  3. Once these have softened, add the sliced pepper, mushrooms and stir fry vegetable mix and fry them together for about 4 minutes (or until they’re cooked through).

  4. While the veggies are cooking, add some boiling water to a pan along with a stock cube. Add the noodles and cook according to the packet instructions.

  5. Add a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of Hoisin sauce, and a tablespoon of vegetable stock to the veggies (you can take this from the noodles).

  6. Drain your noodles, add them to the veggies and mix.

  7. Tuck in to your #budgetbites.

*Prices are estimates based on products used, not products bought (e.g. we have only used half a pack of mushrooms).

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