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Honey, I shrunk the price

WTF is this blog about!?

It’s an emosh day when your NUS card expires - having gone a full 8 years not having to pay full price for anything (and a full 11 years before that not having to pay for anything at all!) - the harsh reality of just how expensive it is to #liveyourbestlife hits.

But fear not because, being the shopaholic I am, I've found a solution 🙌 And don't worry - it doesn't involve scrolling the internet for hours in search of the best deal.

How can I save some serious dosh when shopping online?

Life admin is not my fave - so at Get Woke Not Broke I'm all about finding quick and easy ways to manage money - and Honey* is one of them!

It's an app that searches the internet for promo codes while you're shopping online. So once you've finished with your Zara haul and gone to the checkout, Honey* will automatically pop-up and let you know whether there are any voucher codes available. These will then be added to your account - saving you $$$'s 💃

But what if I want to save even more money!?

Ever heard of cashback? I always thought it was a scam or something that required me to sign up to a million different newsletters just to earn a measly 24p off my weekly Ocado shop. Turns out it's not 💁 I started using Top Cashback last month and have already saved a decent amount of cash (£11 off a bed and £6 off some headphones).

How does it work?

You basically find something you want to buy, check whether the retailer is available via the Top Cashback* site and then shop through their link. Any cashback you earn will then be deposited straight into your bank account!

The amount of cashback varies between retailers, sometimes it could be 50%, other times only 1% - but it's still money for nothing, and every little helps!

So what?

With a second lockdown looming, chances are we're going to be doing most of our shopping online this year - so why not give Honey* and Top Cashback* a try to save some serious dosh!? 🤑

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*By using this link to open an account, I'll receive a small reward. Note that I only promote companies that I either use myself or think are the best option out there IMO.

Now for the serious part: my blogs are for educational purposes only; they do not constitute financial advice. Please consult with an independent financial advisor for advice on your specific circumstances. 

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